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How To Store Cucumbers Long Term

There is no doubt about the fact that fresh cucumbers are the best. But they start going bad rapidly and if you have grabbed them in bulk, then you must know how to store fresh cucumbers. Fortunately, there are different ways in which you can cut and store cucumbers for some time. 

How to store cucumbers long term?

For people who want to know about how to store cucumbers for the long term, it is best if you use the plastic wrap for this. Why? Because this limits the moisture from decaying the cucumber and thus, it lasts longer. Wrap the cucumber tightly and store it in the fridge. It will last almost 10 days. 

pile of cucumbers

Another choice is to use paper towels. Wrap the cucumber finely with paper towels and it will keep the cucumber dry which will make it last longer. Simple! But the longest a cucumber can last with any type of wrapping is 10 days maximum. 

How to store cut cucumbers?

When it comes to how to store cut cucumbers, then it really depends on how you cut it. We recommend you to use a  mandoline slicer because it comes with various cutting styles. Wrapping your cut cucumber in plastic wrap is a great idea but you can store it in an air-tight container as well. If you have cut the cucumber into slices, then a container is the best option. But if you have only cut the end of the cucumber then you can wrap it tightly with plastic wrap and you are good to go.

person slicing cucumbers

How to store fresh cucumbers?

If you ask us about how to store fresh cucumbers then we would certainly vote for plastic wrap. It slows the process of decaying amazingly as it doesn’t let moisture in the cucumber easily. This way, you can store your fresh cucumbers for around 10 days. If you are lucky, they might last longer too. 


You now know how to store cut cucumbers or how to store fresh cucumbers for the long term. We suggest that the best way to store them is by wrapping them. However, if you use a kitchen master mandoline slicer and cut your cucumbers then an air-tight container will keep them safe for some days. Make the best pick and don't let those amazing greens go to waste. Store them in the right way so that they can last for days. 

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