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Cucumber Peelers

No matter if you are a professional or an amateur cooker, it is important that you will have tools that are versatile enough to tackle numerous recipes. We offer cucumber peelers that will help you prepare special dishes or unique salads. Choose from stainless-steel and silicone tools to suit your needs and make sure to select a peeler that will protect the surface or your pans, particularly if you are using nonstick cookware. 

Cucumber peelers are excellent vegetable tools that can help you cut cucumbers for casseroles, salads and baked delights. We offer peelers in a variety of styles including julienne, serrated and swivel peeler types. All of our peelers feature sharp blades typically constructed of stainless-steel. Julienne peelers are great for zesting, adding decoration and for tough vegetables like carrots. Serrated peelers remove the skin of slippery vegetables. Swivel peelers are used to peel thin layer of the peel without digging into the vegetable beneath. If you use potatoes often in your cooking, we highly recommend you to have for a potato peeler to speed up the process.

Use a peeler to remove just the skin on cucumbers to give to toddlers so you don’t have to worry about them choking . Our cucmber peelers give you maximum control thanks to its soft grip handles even when the cucmbers are wet.
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