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6 Best Julienne Peelers of 2023

Have you ever tried to make julienne ribbons from veggies for salads or side decorations like served in restaurants? Wonder how to prepare them in this way?

To julienne a vegetable means to cut it into short, thin ribbons. This technique, also called ‘French cut’. It’s become more and more popular in the last few years. Julienne veggies can be challenging, and it requires a lot of patience. Julienne veggies makes your salads, side decorations and dishes very appetizing. Julienne cuts can be a great addition to your recipes.

What is a Julienne Peeler?

A julienne peeler is a hand-held vegetable peeler that helps you create ribbons or thin strips out of your vegetables easily. 

A julienne vegetable peeler is a must-have kitchen tool in any kitchen. It helps you make perfectly julienned vegetables in a few seconds.

Julienne peelers are best kitchen gadgets for zesting, adding garnishes to your dishes and making salad toppings. Thin vegetable ribbons can be more enjoyable to eat raw than larger slices. It is easy to use and it is cost efficient.  A julienne peeler may look similar to a Y-peeler but has sharp, jagged edges where you would usually find a straight peeling blade.

Throughout history, chefs, cooks and households have been julienning vegetables and fruits for special dishes, salads and side garnishes using a regular knife. In the last years, the julienne peelers have been saving them a lot of  time julienning vegetables rather than using a regular knife.

If you know how to properly use a julienne peeler, and you have a reliable device, you can turn your classic recipes into artistic masterpieces. Peeling, slicing and julienning vegetables have never been so easy.

The best julienne peelers available in the market in 2022 let you cut your favourite vegetables into precise cuts, are easy to use, and designed with a comfortable handle for easy grip. High quality materials, sharp blades, and consistency in slices are important factors you should look for when you choose your new julienne peeler.

In this guide, we’re going to show you the best julienne peelers on the market that will help you improve your diet. We are also going to include a step-by-step tutorial on how to use a julienne peeler on different vegetables, including root vegetables, potatoes, and zucchini.

Best Julienne Peelers

  1. Julienne vegetable peeler - This high quality stainless steel julienne vegetable peeler is one of the best vegetable peelers in the market. It is designed with two ultra sharp stainless steel blades: dual julienne and standard vegetable peeler let you easily both peel and shred vegetables effortlessly. That makes it fast to create julienne strips. The stainless steel  julienne vegetable peeler helps you peel vegetables in a pile of ribbons and noodles. If you are looking to zest vegetables easily, this is surely one the best julienne peelers you should buy.    

julienne vegetable peeler

* Multifunctional peeler that peels, slices, and Juliennes
* Sharp and sturdy blades recessed and protected
* Dishwasher safe

* Small space between Julienne blades may clog easily.

2. Magic Trio Peelers 

Have you always wanted to make thin ribbons from a carrot or zucchini for salads or side garnishes? The magic trio peelers set is the answer for your needs.  One of the big advantages of the magic trio peelers set is that the sharp blades of the peelers  elegantly take the skin off fruit and vegetables with a simple slide and cut thin swaths. The magic trio peelers have a flexible strong symmetrical handle that makes it very easy to use.

Magic trio peelers

* Fully safe and easy to use.

* Double edged blade.
* Ergonomic design.
*  Works perfectly on a variety of fruits and vegetables.

We still haven't found.

3. Plastic julienne tool

The plastic julienne tool vegetable peeler has 2 sharp blades. One of the blades is used for julienne vegetables and the other one is used as a Y peeler. This vegetable peeler has serrated teeth that shred vegetables into thin and pretty strips in a few seconds.

Plastic julienne tool


* Shred vegetables into thin and pretty strips in a few seconds.

* Dishwasher safe


* Could be a bit too small for some hands.

4. 3 in 1 Multifunctional Vegetable Peeler

Peel all kinds of vegetables with this 3 in 1 cyclone vegetable peeler. The 3 in 1 vegetable peeler cutter Head is 360 degree multifunction rotary peeler includes: one hand cyclone blade handle, one the other hand there is the rotation regulator lets you select your favourite blade you want to use. It’s very easy to peel tough vegetables with the 3 in 1 vegetable peeler. The cutter head adjusts the angle for convenient use.


3 in 1 Multifunctional Vegetable Peeler


* Multifunctional peeler that peels, slices, and Juliennes

* No need to replace blades.

* Sharp Blades. 


* May be al little difficult for left-handed users to use

5. Stainless Steel Vegetable Peeler-

This Stainless steel vegetable peeler set made from durable metal material. With 6 different types of vegetable peelers blades for cutting vegetables julienne, serrated or in a swivel way. The stainless steel vegetable peeler is easy to use, just hold the vegetable near the top, then use some pressure and begin scraping the peel down away. 

stainless steel julienne peeler


* Stainless steel handle.

* High quality material.


* This peeler is one of the more expensive julienne peelers on our list.


6. Trio Peeler Set With Adjustable Blades

Trio peeler set with one handle and three interchangeable blades. The rio peeler set helps you save a lot of space in your kitchen.The trio vegetable peeler set lets you peel vegtables for different uses. It comes with a standard vegetable peeler with a potato eye remover for peeling all kinds of vegetables easily, a large y peeler for shredding and slicing vegetables and fruits and a julienne peeler lets you make great julienne ribbons of carrot, zucchini and more easily with the julienne blade. 

The plastic handle and stainless steel blades are all dishwasher-safe and very easy to clean. 
This vegetable peeler blaeds are very sturdy and sharp. It allows you to effortlessly peel and julienne the hardest vegetables.


Trio Peeler Set With Adjustable Blades


* Dishwasher-safe and very easy to clean.

* The design is appropriate for right and left-handed users.

* Very sturdy design and sharp blade allow you to easily peel and julienne the hardest vegetables.


* Some may find themself accidentally pressing the button when they don’t mean to.


If this is the first time you’re using a julienne peeler, make sure you use it correctly to avoid cutting yourself. In addition, always place to vegetable on a cutting board for support when using a julienne peeler

Each julienne peeler may have slightly different usage instructions. 

It depends on what vegetable you want to make julienne strips. Generally speaking, most of the julienne peelers are used in the same way as regular vegetable peelers.

Press and hold the vegetable down firmly on a cutting board and slide the julienne peeler from the top downwards, making even slices all the way through the fruit or vegetable. Use your free hand to hold the veggie down at the top, so that you keep your fingers away from the sharp blade.

Once you reach the end, shake the slices off your peeler and return to the top, pulling the blade all the way down through the vegetable again.

Repeat this process until you’ve julienned your entire vegetable.

You can julienne various veggies like: carrots, zucchini, sweet potatoes, squash, turnips, cucumbers, beets, cabbages, potatoes and more.

For julienning potatoes, first cut the potato in half lengthwise. Then, use your free hand to balance it at a 45 degree angle on the cutting board. Run the peeler from top to bottom.

For julienning root veggies like beets and turnips, slice the veggies in half. Place the half cut side down on a cutting board and then run the julienne peeler from top to bottom. Hold the vegetable at the top with your free hand in order to make sure you keep your fingers away from the path of the blade. Repeat the process with the other half.

For julienning carrots and zucchini, place the veggies on a cutting board. Make sure that the cutting board is placed on a flat surface. Hold the veggie down at the top with your free hand and run the peeler from top to bottom with your strong hand.



The julienne strips are usually about 2-3 inches long and 1/16- to 1/8-inch thick. 

A julienne peeler lets you make julienne strips in the standard size easily. However, if you want to make the strips thinner or thicker, you can use a standard knife to trim your ribbons once they’re all prepared.




As the name states, a julienne peeler is a peeler that can create julienne strips. A spiralizer used to create long noodles. Both of these tools use sharp blades.

The julienne peeler and spiralizer both may be used to make zucchini, carrot and cucumber stirps.


The big advantage of a julienne peeler is its ability to create thin strips more efficiently and effortlessly. A julienne peeler can cut almost all kinds of  vegetables easily. Whether it is large or hard. 

 A spiralizer, however, is a machine that can do the job of creating vegetable noodles and spirals automatically at the press of a button.  When using a spiralizer, you have to make sure that the vegetable fits into the spiralizer. If it’s too big then you have to slice it which may take up time when you have to slice numerous veggies. The spiralizer is usually used for slicing vegetables in greater quantities like in restaurants. 

A spiralizer machine is more expensive than a julienne peeler. If you just need to make a few julienned vegetables, it may be best to use a julienne peeler.


Both of these tools are easy to use. However, when it comes to cleaning, the julienne peeler is much easier to clean. You can just wash it with a little water after using it, whereas cleaning a spiralizer can be more complicated. You need to detach the components and clean each one separately.  A julienne peeler is also more simple to use. If you use a high quality julienne peeler, it will last for years rather than the spiralizer that tends to have erosion in its components over time.

The julienne peeler has much more outcomes when it comes for home use. It’s a versatile tool and you can peel veggies into thin ribbons, making high quality salads and side dishes.

So which one should you buy? It depends on your needs. If you desire to have it for home use, the julienne peeler is the ultimative tool for you. 




We’ve reviewed tons of different types of julienne peelers and came up with critical insights. 

These are the main factors you should consider when choosing your julienne peeler:


While you should make sure the julienne peeler’s blade is sharp, you should also consider that it has some level of protection to keep your hands away from the blade. 

Ease of Use

Julienne peeler is a tool that is used a lot in cooking. One of the most important things you should think about is its ease of use. Unlike vegetable slicers that come with many different types of  pieces and blades,julienne peeler in most cases come with one blade. It’s important that the julienne peeler can be used effortlessly any time. You don’t need to worry about wasting time on changing blades.

Quality of Blades

Another essential thing you should consider is that the julienne peeler is made of a sharp and stainless steel blade.  You need to make sure that you’re able to peel and shred vegetables effortlessly. No matter if you want to create julienne strips,  peel veggies into thin ribbons, make restaurant-quality salads and side dishes, the julienne peeler needs to help you make all of these easily with as much as less effort.  You should also make sure that the julienne peeler comes with a comfortable grasp handle.

How To Use a Julienne Peeler for sautéing onions?

1. Rinse the onion under cold water and cut off the root and stem ends.
2. Hold the onion steady with one hand and hold the julienne peeler in the other hand.
3. Place the julienne peeler at the top of the onion, near the stem end.
4. Gently push the peeler down the length of the onion, using a sawing motion. 5. The peeler will remove thin strips of the onion's skin as you move it down.
6. Continue peeling the onion until all of the skin has been removed. You can discard the skin or compost it.
6. Slice the peeled onion into thin strips or chop it into small pieces, depending on how you plan to use it in your recipe.

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