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The Best Way To Store Onions

In the kitchen, the most common and primary ingredient that is available throughout the time is Onion. Yeah, it’s the universal ingredient that tends to be used in almost all of the recipes that we cook. Since it has a lot of importance in making food, therefore, people want to buy it in a considerable amount to store it for a longer time.

Onion rates go up and down depending upon the conditions and market value. Therefore, it’s an outstanding decision if you buy onions in a considerable amount and store it to safely use for longer periods. But how is that possible? That’s what we are going to talk about in the article. 

onions in the basket

How to Store Onions at Different Processing Stages

Whole Onions
When you visit the huge supermarkets to fill your pantry and fridge with delicious food items, you admire the view of onions stacked together in a pile. Unlike such a sight, onions must not be left inside the fridge if they are in their unpeeled state. Whole onions shall be stored in a dry and dark, and well-ventilated room.
Do not store them in bags made of cloth or plastic boxes. You can use mesh bags or boxes with holes cut out, so they remain aerated. The onions must begin to absorb moisture, or they will decay at a speeding rate.
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Peeled onions
After you have washed your eyes from peeling onions since you could not stop crying, it is time to store them. You can use a vegetable slicer, mandolin dicer, or a julienne peeler to peel them quickly. The best way to store the peeled onion version is straight into the refrigerator in an air-tight container. Additionally, how to store onions with an air-tight container comes with two benefits.
By placing them in an air-tight container, you stop airborne bacteria from entering the bowl, which may assist in onion decay. Moreover, the air-tight container prevents the smell of raw onion from spreading inside the refrigerator. Do not use plastic containers, or the smell and taste of raw peeled onion may transfer onto them.

Cooked onion
Mostly all recipes begin with chopped onion being sautéed in olive or vegetable oil. Chop onions using a vegetable chopper. You can use a julienne peeler or a mandolin dicer as well. Though they may have been simmering at high temperatures, they are still prone to bacterial decay. After the onions have cooked to your ideal state, quickly transfer them to the fridge in an air-tight container within two hours of cooking.
The sautéed onions stay at a temperature of 40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This is referred to as that danger zone ideal for bacterial growth on the onion surface. Cooked onions can be stored in the fridge for at most five days.

Since chives carry more water content, they are delicate and have a limited shelf life. Therefore, they must be used within a few days of buying. They can be placed roots down in a jar filled with some water. Chives can also be stored in a loose plastic bag inside the fridge. Chives do not need to be diced with a vegetable slicer. Use quick and straightforward dicing motions.
Chives also stay usable if stored in a sealed plastic bag which will retain moisture inside the bag for at least a week. Whenever you wish to use chives, grab them straight from the fridge and remove them from the plastic packaging. Dice them finely and add them straight to the pan.

How Long Do Onions Last at Room Temperature?

At room temperature, experts say that onions tend to last in between 2 to 3 months. However, it's important to understand that the same onion would not be edible if you put it at room temperature for one month.

The difference of time is dependent upon the area you choose for the storage purpose. Let's say you have dark, cold, and cross-ventilation space, then the onion will remain good in taste and quality for up to 3 months. However, having a location with higher humidity and hotness will make storage troubles for the onions. 

How Long Do Onions Last in the Refrigerator?

Another option that most people consider is to store the onions in the refrigerator. The reason people consider this method is because of the weather conditions. If you have sliced onions and then store them in the refrigerator, the onions will easily last for up to 10 days. On the other hand, peeling the onions and then storing them in the refrigerator will last for around 14 days. If you want to maintain the freshness and taste of onions, then you can use the airtight container, and then store the onions into the refrigerator. Besides that, cooked onion can last up to 3 months in the refrigerator.

How Long Do Onions Last in the Freezer?

If we talk about the raw onions, it can last in the freezer for up to eight months. You can use the plastic wrap or aluminum foil for the purpose of storing it air tightly. Moreover, the use of freezer bags are also ideal. Apart from that, cooked onions can be stored for up to 12 months in a freezer if you put it inside the freezer bag or an airtight container.


In general, you can store onions in different processing stages including pickled, cooked, diced, or peeled. All of the methods are different, and the long lasting effects are also diversified. 

Starting from Pickled, so you can store it for at least six months without any hurdles. All you need is to put spices, sugar, salt, and vinegar into the onion and preserve the mixture in a jar. 

The second option available for you is cooked onions, which you can easily use for at least 5 days when put into the fridge. Also, putting it inside the freezer will extend its durability for approximately three months.

The third option available to store the onions is possible by dicing, cutting, or slicing the onion and then storing it into the fridge or freezer. It can last up to 10 days inside the fridge without any hurdles. Also, putting them into the freezer will extend the time period to more than six months. Slicing the onions properly is possible with the help of a mandoline slicer or vegetable slicer. Why? Because it will never cause dirtiness and give pleasure to your eyes.

In the end, peeled onions will keep their quality and taste better for up to 14 days without any hurdles. After that, you can peel the onions easily with the help of a julienne peeler.


Onions are one of the essential ingredients that we tend to use in our cooking recipes. Therefore, it’s durability and long lasting effect is mandatory for everyone. That’s the reason, we have created this article where you will get to know about the list of ways to store onions.

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