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5 Best Onion Choppers of 2021

Onion Chopping is never an easy task whenever you have to use a chopping knife as it can make you cry, and the process becomes a bit of a hassle. From the past, it’s a manual chore that a person has to do. However, things have changed now after advanced technology came up for the people. In other words, there are the best onion choppers available for similar convenience for you. Today, we will talk about the best onion chopper products that you can use.

How to choose the best onion chopper?

Before starting to talk about the products, it’s better to understand the things you need to consider from a good quality onion chopper.

Warranty: Warranty should be your main priority at the time of selecting the best onion chopper. Why? Because chopping the onion is a tough task that puts a load on the machine. Hence, its warranty has to be for an extended time.

Safe for Dishwashing: Ensuring the dishwashing safety of the onion chopper is another important thing as you have to manually remove the components for washing and drying purposes every time.

Good quality Containers: The containers are the place where the chopped onions tend to store. Therefore, its quality build needs to be your optimal priority throughout the time. In addition, it’s good to consider the ABS plastic material as it provides food safety and BPA-Free features.

Blade Types: Blade type needs to be optimal as it plays an important role in chopping onions. It would help if you went with the one that is adequate for onion chopping but also julienning. Try to ensure that the blades contain safety features.

Electrical vs Manual: Manual Choppers are better for users who want a pretty easy to operate chopper. On the other hand, the electrical ones come with advanced features to bring convenience to your life. Hence, you have to consider the one that fits your needs and desires.

5 Best Onion Choppers:

Kitchen Master Mandoline Slicer:

Kitchen Master Mandoline Slicer is an outstanding product that costs around $35, which can pretty much handle all of your chopping needs, whether it’s onion or any other vegetable. One of the major reasons you should purchase this product is because it can make your life easy and faster. Meanwhile, the taste of the onion will remain the same. Lastly, it can cut every type of vegetable and fruit.

Kitchen Master Mandoline Slicer


  • Examined Blades.
  • Strong and rugged build.
  • Easy to clean.


  • The blades are very sharp so you should be cautious when handling.

Mandoline Slicer Cutter Chopper and Grater

First of all, the product comes in a racket shape. You can resemble it with the lemon squeezer that contains the handles and a medium square size squeezer. You will get the blades in the same area with handles that you need to press for onion chopping. Wheat straw and high-quality food-grade are used for the creation of this product. Meanwhile, it has a safe design.

Mandoline Slicer Cutter Chopper And Grater


  • Outstanding safety.
  • Multi-purpose.
  • Compact.
  • Sturdy.


  • The pull cord tends to strip out if used a lot

Fullstar Vegetable Chopper

This vegetable chopper's design is meant to be ergonomic and comfortable to help you chop all kind of veggies quickly. You have to operate this vegetable chopper manually. Besides that, it comes with 7 interchangeable blades where you can slice, chop, and julienne without any hurdles. Also, it has a collection tray where the chopped onions will be stored. Heavy-duty stainless steel usage in this product makes it rust-free.

Fullstar Vegetable Chopper


  • Good Build Quality.
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Everything disassembles with ease for cleaning.
  • 7 easy to change blades.


  • Not ideal for big size veggies( you may have to slice veggies before trying to chop them).

Manual Vegetable Chopper

First of all, this is a manual vegetable chopper that can also chop the fruits for you. The material used for this product is plastic; however, the type is PP. Meanwhile, it has eco-friendly attributes that make it an ideal product to use by anyone. Beyblade type manual procedure is required to spin the slicer inside the container to chop the onions.

Manual Vegetable Chopper


  • Unique Design.
  • Unique Cutting Procedure.
  • Works quickly and efficiently.


  • Limited Container capacity.                                                                                         

Safe Slice Upright Mandolin

The Safe Slice Upright mandolin is a compact size chopper for onions that saves a lot of processing space. The safety features are outstanding as you have to push the handle for chopping the veggies and fruits. Meanwhile, it is made up of food-grade material. Furthermore, the blades are hidden, making it the safest option along with convenience and stability due to the collapsible feet.

Safe Slice Upright Mandolin


  • Easy to clean.
  • Outstanding safety features.
  • Standard Mandolin.


  •  Doesn’t fits to all kinds of vegetables( some vegetables have to be cut to size)


Some appliances are mandatory to include in our kitchens in recent times. Among those appliances, Online choppers are the ones. Why? because it offers the convenience of easily chopping the onions without making yourself cry and remains secure.

As the product has a lot of importance, it’s availability in the market is in a considerable amount. Due to these reasons, finding the right one would be hard for you. However, we have included 5 best onion choppers in the article for you. Buy any one out of them as all of the products offer you value and good quality.

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