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How To Properly Use A Can Opener

Manual can openers are essential kitchen tools.  Most of the can openers are easy to use and do their job fastly. However sometimes it can take a bit of practice to use one efficiently. In order to use can openers efficiently you should  first open its arms, position the cutting edge on the can lid and then rotating the handle to separate the lid.

can opener

There is a variety of can openers available in the market. Some of them are multifuncional and can also open jars. Most of the can openers are manual, but there are also electric can openers. The most popular multifunctional can and jar opener is the 6 in 1 multi opener

6 in 1 multi can and jar opener

Most of us have probably bought a can opener and kept in a drawer with other kitchen gadgets. This is the time to use it in a proper way. 

In this guide, we are going to teach you how to properly use a can opener. you 

1. Open the arms of the can opener. The arms of the can opener need to be in the open position so that the cutting edge can be fitted to the can. The arms will lightly lock in place when they are in the open position.
2. Place the cutting edge of the can opener on top of the lip of the can lid. You should keep the arms of the can opener in the open position while you align the cutting edge to the can's lid. Make sure that the cutting edge is resting on top of the lip of the can and that the serrated wheel is lined up in the furrow that circles the can’s edge. 
3. Close the can opener arms, raising the lower handle to bring the feed wheel to meet the underside of the can’s slightly protruding lip.

4. Keep pressure on the handles with your left hand while using your right hand to turn the knob clockwise.

5. Keep turning the knob until the can makes a complete revolution.

6. Once you finished to open all the lid, lift the lid from the can to remove it, open the arms of the can opener and pull it away from the can. Then use a knife to carefully pry the lid of the can upward so that you can see the contents. 

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