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The 5 Best Can Openers in 2021

Whether you’re opening a jar of pickles, a bottle of beer, a can of tuna or maybe a honey jar, there is no doubt that every home cook must have a reliable can opener to get the job done easily.

A manual can opener is the most popular and best can opener thanks to its easy to use system . It fits perfectly into a utensils drawer. Some people prefer to use an electric opener. However, there is no need to use that, especially in home use. There are some manual can openers that have extra-useful features to help you open cans, jars in an easy and safe way.

In this guide, we’re going to show you the best can openers on the market that will help you open all kinds of jars easily.

Best Functional Can Opener

6 in 1 Multi Can And Jar Opener- The 6 in 1 multi opener is probably the best can opener available in the market nowadays. It is a multifunctional tool that helps you open cans, bottles, jars, easily. With a non-slip design, the 6 in 1 multi can opener has been produced to protect your hands and reduce stress on your wrists. Whether you are at home or on a picnic, the multi opener will help you open cans and jars in a wide variety of applications. It has a pull hook used to pull open the iron pieces sealed in various cans and a handle that grips the tight lid for easy unscrewing.

6 in 1 multi can and jar opener


Best Compact Can Opener

Smooth Edge Can Opener-  

The  smooth edge can opener lets you open cans easily without any fuss. It’s designed with a non-sharp edge and oversized knob. The smooth edge helps you protect  your fingers securely when opening cans. You can open all kinds of cans safely. Just turn the non-slip knob. Its ergonomic non-slip design allows you to create blunt, smooth edges without hand slipping.


Smooth Edge Can Opener


Best Portable Can Opener

Swing-A-Way Portable Can Opener

The swing-a-way portable can opener has a stainless steel sharp metal blade. It's designed with a comfortable and anti-slip ergonomic knob. The swing-a-wa  can opener helps you open cans by twisting a knob. You are able to slice through the circumference of the lid.
In order to open the can, turn the non-slip knob and the edge will open the can easily.

portable can opener



Best Camping Can opener-

Having a travel-friendly can opener can be a very useful tool when you're camping or even on a rental vacation. When you’re carrying with you food for a trip, you don’t want to take with you kitchen tools that take a lot of space. A camping can opener is a tiny lightweight tool that can squeeze into your bag easily.

 camping can opener

Best One Hand Can Opener-

One touch can opener
The one touch can opener is the easiest way to open cans, jars and bottles effortlessly. It’s an electric battery-operated can opener that requires 2 AA batteries. It's designed with a one-button operating system that is easy enough for nearly any cook to use. All you need to do is just place it on the can, touch the button and away it goes. The one touch can openers is a perfect solution for people with arthritic hands.

one touch can opener


What to Look for When Buying a Can Opener?

It’s important to check that the features of the can opener are suitable for your needs. For example, soft grips and larger handles might help people with limited dexterity and arthritis turn the can opener easier.

A can opener is a useful tool in any kitchen and for that reason you should consider placing it in an accessible place. Most manual can openers are small enough to fit in a basic utensil drawer, making it simple to store. On the other hand, electric can openers are much larger, so you should make sure you have enough cabinet or counter space to hold them in your kitchen. If you’re going to use your can opener also on camping and travels, we highly suggest buying a manual can opener as they are more compact and easy to carry.

Those of you that open cans oftenly probably know that opening cans can be dangerous for your hands. Today there are types of can openers that are designed to save your hands from cutting your hand when you lift the edge of a metal lid. You should look for safety if you suffer from arthritis or get your children to help you in the kitchen.

When using a can opener regularly in daily use, it is really important to buy a can opener that will last for a long term and be made from durable materials. You don't want to keep replacing it year after year. You should also consider buying a can opener that has a cutting edge made from stainless. No one wants a rusty can opener.

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