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How To Freeze Cabbage?

Cabbage is a great vegetable that comes with lots of health benefits and unique tastes. Therefore, the majority of people include the same vegetable in their eating routine. While it has lots of importance, many people want to know about the process that can help them to store it for a longer period. In general, freezing the cabbages can increase its usage time as it remains fresh.

So,what is the ideal way to freeze cabbage? That’s what we are going to talk about in this article. Everything will be defined in steps; therefore, we need your proper attention.

Steps to Freeze Cabbage:

Step 1 (Sorting out the things you need)

The first step starts with gathering all of the things that are important in the procedure. For that, you need a julienne peeler or vegetable slicer, cutting board, freezer bag, stockpot and bowl. After you complete this step, follow the next one.

Step 2 (Wash Cabbages):

Washing out the cabbages is very important for you since they contain bacteria that can go away after properly washing the cabbages. However, before that, you have to remove the first outer layer of the cabbage and then properly wash it.

When you properly wash the cabbage, the next thing will be to soak it for 30 minutes, at least in cold water. Soaking the cabbage into the water will create some moisture that you need to shake off, and then let the cabbage dry.

Step 3 (Cutting the Cabbages): 

The third step will be to cut down the cabbages into pieces. Why? Because freezing the cabbages in raw form is not a good idea. Also, cutting down the cabbages helps you when you are not sure how to use them. In this way, it is easier to slice them into desired shapes and sizes.


Step 4 (Boil the cabbage to kill bacteria):

You have washed the cabbage to kill or remove the bacteria out of it. However, it’s still a good thing if you boil the cabbage to kill bacteria. For that, you need to pour a pot of water and put the cabbages inside. Next, turn on the stove and set it on high flame. Once the water starts boiling, dish out the cabbages for at least 2 minutes.

Step 5 (Cool down the Cabbages):

Stop the cooking process by putting the cabbages into ice water. Why? Because you want to use it for the future. Therefore, it’s not essential to cook it properly.

Step 6 (Freeze it):

After completing all of the above procedures, it’s time to put the cabbages inside the freezer. First, however, make sure to put it inside the freezer when the cabbages are adequately cooled down. Also, make sure that the cabbages are perfectly dried.  You can use a cabbage peeler to easily slice them thinly to ribbons. 

When cabbages dried, the next step is to wrap them on the frozen bag airtight. Now, put it inside the freezer and use it for a more extended period.


Cabbage is a popular vegetable thanks to its taste and health benefits. Therefore, the demand for this vegetable is higher in the market. At the same time, people are curious to know about the adequate freezing of cabbages to use it for a more extended period. In this article, we have discussed a thorough guide that will help you to store the cabbages for a longer time by freezing them.

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