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A Guide to Measuring Tools for Cooking

Measuring tools are necessary to blend seasonings to homogeneity. Sometimes cooking recipes require complicated instructions to add a pinch of this and a dash of that. There are many types of kitchen measuring tools available to ease the cooking process so you can receive standing ovations.

Dry Measuring Cups

Dry measuring spoons

Among different measuring tools for cooking, we have the name of measuring spoons. These are a staple in many kitchens, especially those who are baking enthusiasts. Measuring spoons have numerous advantages for the daily user.

Dry measuring spoons are very useful for measuring dry ingredients in baking. It eliminates guesswork and ensures your baking sponges are airy and lightweight. Measuring spoons are also handy for measuring liquid ingredients. The cup-and-spoon set assists in transferring liquids from one container to the other quickly with minimum spillage.

Measuring spoons promote efficiency. Minimum ingredients are wasted. Measuring spoons also create a cooking/ measuring pattern once the cook has gotten used to them. Unlike other measuring tools, measuring spoons are very inexpensive. They are usually manufactured out of plastic that is suitable for kids to use and learn from.

Liquid Measuring Cups

You cannot easily measure the liquids within similar dry measuring cups because there is a difference in the measurement between the liquid ingredients and the solid ingredients. Therefore, it is important to get some cups for the measurement of liquids when purchasing dry or digital measuring spoons or cups.

Liquid measuring cups are available in plastic or clear glass material with which you can easily check the quantity of the liquid that is poured into the cup. If it is difficult for you to measure with this spoon, you can use the weighing scale, which is 100% accurate.

Slotted Spoons

You can use the slotted spoons for retrieving the solid ingredients straight from the cooking pot. It can even be used for preserving the liquid, which you can, later on, use as the measuring kitchen utensil. 

They generally come with a handle which has a hole in its middle, which serves as the weighing tool. You can even use it for serving spaghetti. Hence for measuring the serving size, this is the perfect measuring tool for you. 

Long Spout Measuring Cup

We have been taught to assess the many stages in cooking using our sight and touch. However, this may result in burnt fingers or stings from scorching oil splashes. A spouted measuring cup is a helpful measuring tool for cooking that provides even pouring. 


Specific meat cuts cook perfectly at the correct temperatures. Unless you wish the guests to suffer from food poisoning, a long spout measuring cup will ensure universal coating and curing for frying or baking purposes. A long spout cup is handy for pouring cake and muffin batter into the stencils. Its capacity of 1000 milliliters will result in quick and efficient pouring.

It completely removes dated techniques to assess the height of poured batter. Instead, it makes the baking preparation process a lot easier. The measuring cup is manufactured with polypropylene plastic, making it durable and safe for use in the kitchen. The measuring cup comes in handy for frosting, glazing, dressing salads, and gravy pouring services. 


Cooking tutorials and chefs emphasize the actual taste is in many types of kitchen measuring tools. However, never lose your gut feeling when you are in the kitchen. Machines are artificial intelligence that can never beat your culinary competency. 

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