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Perfectly Baked Salmon

Salmon is not only the healthiest type of fish but it is also one of the most delicious ones. People usually go out to have salmon but you can have your perfectly baked salmon at home too. Why go out every other day when you can easily bake it to perfection? We will be guiding you through some basics of baking salmon at 350 and for how long it needs to be baked etc. 

Baking Salmon at 350:

The best part of the salmon is the center cut so when you buy salmon, always ask for the center cut filet. Preparing the salmon is legit a very easy process. You only need 5 minutes!


1 tablespoon of olive oil
3 garlic cloves
Half a lemon
1 Spoon of paprika




You begin with lining the baking sheet with aluminum foil and then put the salmon on the baking sheet. In a small bowl, mix a tablespoon of olive oil, garlic and lemon juice.  You can also get any seasonings that you like and sprinkle them on the salmon. Spread the fish in the oil mixture so that it covers the entire surface of the fish. Top it with lemon slices and drizzle a little olive oil on it.

Also, you will be baking salmon at 350 degrees because that is the best temperature for this fish. A lot of people prefer 275 but the best cooks always prefer 350 degrees and the results are amazing. 

Perfectly baked salmon

How long to bake salmon at 350?

Now the biggest problem for a lot of people is how long to bake salmon at 350 degrees? Well, the most perfect time for baking salmon at 350 is 20 minutes. No more than that! The issue with baking salmon at 275 is that it exceeds 20 minutes and it usually overcooks the salmon. Also, at 275 degrees, 20 minutes is insufficient and you never get the balance. 

Thus, if you are baking salmon at 350, then the ideal time to bake it in 20 minutes. Do not exceed the time limit and the results will be amazing. Salmon will be baked to perfection and will be juicy and tender. 


Baking salmon at home is all about getting the baking time accurate. Once the salmon is done, remove it from the oven and let it rest for 2 minutes, before serving. Also, use the best baking sheets for salmon. cheap baking sheets ruin the surface of the fish and you don’t want that to happen. A baking rack will certainly know about some of the best baking sheet sets. Thus, gets yours and then try baking salmon at 350, for 20 minutes only. 

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