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Macarons With Cream Of Mascarpone

Natural Ground Almonds - 200g
Sugar powder - 200 grams
Egg Protein - 150g
Sugar - 200 grams
Water - 40 ml
White food coloring (titanium dioxide) - 5 grams
Cream of mascarpone
Mascarpone 40% - Plastic Box (250g)
Sugar powder - 150 grams
Sweet cream 38% - Cardboard box (250 ml)

Macrons with coffe

Preparation of the macarons:

1. Preheat the oven to 150 degrees.
Mix almond powder and powdered sugar with 75 grams of protein until  you get uniform paste. At the same time, boil the sugar and water in a pot until you reach 118 degrees. Whip the extra 75 grams of protein until they reach the texture of the shaving cream rather than switching.
3. When the sugar has reached 118 degrees, pour it slowly on the egg whites, while whipping the maximum speed, and continue to whisk until you get a swollen, bright and stable foam.
4. Fold the protein foam into the mixture of powders and proteins until it gets a lava-like texture (tires but not too much) and shiny. Fold the white food into the fold.

5. Transfer to a pastry bag small circles on a teflon baking mat or if you have a macaron silicone mat, you can do it easier. Pour the mold to remove air bubbles.
6. Bake for about 15 minutes and cool completely.
7. Preparation of the mascarpone cream: Whip the mascarpone cheese in a mixer with a whipping hook, add the sugar powder and continue to whisk until smooth. Slowly add the sweet cream and continue until you get a firm whipped cream. If there are lumps of mascarpone ,you should squash them with the nest.
8. Transfer the mascarpone cream to a pastry bag  and sprinkle on the bottom of the refrigerated macaron. Close with a cookie of the same sized carrot and ready!
9. Bon appetit!

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