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How To Use A Melon Baller

How to Use a Melon Baller

Are you one of those people who is wondering how to use a melon baller? Well, you might think of it as a child’s toy, but the truth is, it’s a convenient kitchen tool. It looks the same to an ordinary teaspoon, but it has a tip, which is spherical. It’s not utilized for eating but for preparing ingredients.

Watermelon balls

What is a Melon Baller?

By its name, a melon baller is utilized for melons and watermelons . You can even make with it ice cream balls. This kitchen gadget is typically made of stainless steel, along with a handle made of either the same material, or rubber, wood, or plastic. Typically, a melon scoop is manufactured as a standalone kitchen aid.
However, with innovation being so dynamic, it’s now manufactured as some 2-in-1 kitchen tool. Often, it’s paired with another melon baller of another size on the other hand or a scraper. The diameter of the melon scoop normally spans 1 to 3 centimeters, allowing it to make perfect bite-size balls.
The uses of a melon baller nowadays aren’t exclusive to restaurants or kitchen anymore. The idea of plating has dropped over to the kitchens of common homes too. Therefore, allowing for a sophisticated food preparation. As such, melon ballers are a typical tool to women wanting to offer their families a well-prepared meal topped off with delicious desserts. Hence, finding lemons in perfectly rounded shapes are now a regular fare amongst households.
Do you want to learn how to use a melon baller? Well, worry no more. In this post, we will teach you how to use a melon baller in simple steps!

melon baller

Steps on How to Use a Melon Baller

Using a melon baller for the very first time is a challenge for most individuals. Are you having a hard time achieving the perfect rounded shape you desire? Don’t worry because it all takes some practice.
To accomplish the preferred roundness, your melon baller must be angled when poking it into the melon. Let the side of scoop to dig into your melon. Rotate the spoon slowly to 360° until the rounded shaped portion is separated from the rest of your fruit. Often, if the penetration of the baller isn’t deep enough, the shape won’t come out flawlessly. So, you need to make sure to push a bit harder when using the tool.
After you pull the melon baller out of your fruit, take a light tap so the rounded fruit will come out. We recommend that you don’t force the melon out using your fingers. Doing this might ruin the shape of your fruit.
Now, do you feel you are ready to use a melon baller?
For a tip: Melon ballers are also seen to be practical in carving other fruits such as peaches, mangoes, and other similar textured fruits. Often, we see round-shaped mangoes topping cakes, ball-shaped peaches crowning pies or ball-shaped watermelons in salads.
You see, melon ballers have made itself an indispensable kitchen aid. They too have become a very practical tool in day-to-day living.

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