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How To Peel Potatoes?

Potatoes are the main ingredient to amazing dishes, like french fries and mashed potatoes, etc. However, peeling them is not that fun of a task. We all want to know one easy way to peel potatoes that is fast and quick. A lot of people peel potatoes with knives and that requires a lot of time and effort. Thus, we will be sharing some very easy tips on how to peel potatoes fast. 

baked potatoes

Easy way to peel potatoes:

There are several easy ways to peel potatoes. Some would say that peeling one with a knife is also easy. But it really varies from individual to individual. A lot of people use the hand technique to scrape off the potato skin too. However, we suggest you buy a swivel peelers to make the task fast and easy. It takes a minute to peel several potatoes and you are done with the task within no time. 

How to peel potatoes fast?

The first step is to clean the potatoes. Make sure that you rub off all the dirt from the potato's skin as it becomes a hurdle during peeling. Many people peel the potato without washing it thoroughly and this lengthens the task of peeling. If you ask the basic key or tip for how to peel potatoes fast, we would suggest you clean them before you peel them. 

Washing potatoes

Once done, take a vegetable peeler. Julienne peelers are amazing and they are readily accessible in the market too. However, we would suggest that you either use Y peelers or swivel peeler for potatoes. The swivel peelers move in the round direction easily and you can peel the potato within no time. It is best to have knowledge about which peelers are the best for which veggies. Julienne peelers are usually considered great for cucumbers. 

Can you peel potatoes the day before cooking?

It is easier to cook potatoes if they are peeled in advance. But, if you peel them in advance, they might discolor and start changing to a browner shade. This is not good and it is the major reason why people do not prefer peeling potatoes a day before cooking. If you are extremely busy the next day, then you can wrap the peeled potatoes in a cling wrap and refrigerate them for 24 hours maximum. Do not store them for more than a day. 


To conclude it all, we suggest you invest in swivel peelers or Y peelers to make the task of peeling potatoes fast and quick. It saves you a lot of time and reduces the hassle too. After peeling the potatoes easily, we highly recommend using high quality vegetable slicers for cutting the potatoes easily. There is a  variety of vegetable slicers you can get in the market, the best are the round mandoline slicer and mandoline slicer cutter and chopper and grater. Not only they make a great job when slicing veggies, their price is pretty fair.

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