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How to Peel an Orange

How to Peel an Orange

There’s nothing better than tasting the juicy meat of a fresh and sweet orange. Not just are oranges nutritious. They are filled with Vitamin C, the ideal fruit for the flu season. The only concern here is that the good stuff is sometimes hidden behind its tough skin.
Do you often find yourself reaching for an orange? Then you will know how complicated and stressing they could be to peel. What’s more, if you have children who love the taste of oranges, you could find yourself peeling oranges far more than your thumbnails could take. That’s where orange peelers come in to help.

What is an Orange Peeler?

As what its name implies, an orange peeler is essentially a device, which enables you to remove the skin from oranges easier. Apart from oranges, it can also peel other citrus fruits such as mandarins or grapefruits. Having an orange peeler by your side makes your life much simpler.
Now, do you want to know how to peel an orange with an orange peeler? In this post, we will teach you the step-by-step on how to peel an orange.

How to Peel an Orange

Below is the process on how you can peel your orange with an orange peeler. Make sure you follow all the steps to get the desired results.

  • The first step you need to do is to get your orange peeler. No matter if you’re using a plastic or a metal one, you need to find the portion with a sharp hook.
  • Then, pierce the skin of the orange. You need to insert the hook of your peeler into the skin at the top of the orange.
  • Cut down the orange from top to bottom. In this step, you might need to use some pressure when peeling a tougher orange skin.

orange peeler

  • Another step on how to peel an orange is to repeat those slices on every quarter of your orange. Take note that the peel of your orange must have four slices in it.
  • At this point, you could lever your fingers in between every slice and pull the orange’s skin away, one quarter at a time. You will find that a lot of peelers have a thin piece, which you could slide under its skin to help with removing it. However, it’s much simpler if you use your hands in that matter.
  • There you have it! You have already peeled your favorite orange.

However, not all orange peelers are made equally. You will find various kinds of orange peelers available in the market today that come in multiple sizes and shapes. Some are stick orange peelers that have small hooks, which hold in your hand.
You will also find big handheld orange peelers. These peelers work the same as the first one, except that they have a bigger handle. That makes them simpler to grip. There are also ring orange peelers. Simply pull out the ring, slid it over the finger and move the hand over the orange to peel it.
We hope you understand now how to peel an orange with an orange peeler.

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