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How To Make Chocolate Lollipops With Molds

Lollipops are a great sweet delight and if they are in chocolate, they become the most delicious thing ever! And, they are pretty quick and easy to make as well, especially with molds. We will guide you through how to make chocolate lollipops with molds. Furthermore, we will also guide you about how to make chocolate lollipops with different colors because children love colorful lollipops.

It is extremely easy to make chocolate lollipops with the help of silicone chocolate molds. Here is what you will need:

Tempered, bittersweet chocolate-16 ounces
Tempered, white chocolate-16 ounces
Tempered, milk chocolate-16 ounces
Vegetable cooking spray
A cup of nuts (if you like them)
Chocolate molds or lollipop molds

Sweet Chocolate

Once you have tempered the chocolate, you can add nuts to any of the ones that you want. If you like nuts, you can add them to all of them or you can skip it too. Pour it in lollipops or chocolate molds. Fill them to the top and place the sticks in the middle of the molds. Insert them far enough to secure the lollipop but make sure that you don't insert the stick all the way down. Also, if you are using a molding compound, then you will have to cut the shapes and then spray it with vegetable spray and then pour chocolate in it. This is why it is preferred that you use lollipop or chocolate molds. As they are easier to handle. Put the chocolate molds in the refrigerator and wait for them to set. Once done, take them out and push the lollipops out of the molds. TADA!

How to make chocolate lollipops with different colors?

Now a lot of people love making lollipops for their kids and they are usually confused about how to make chocolate lollipops with different colors. This is because chocolate has its shade and bringing in a different color to it, seems impossible. However, it is possible but is just a bit tough for beginners. You should learn how to make chocolate lollipops with molds first and then as you excel in it, you can start using different colors.

For how to make chocolate lollipops with different colors, you need to melt the color that you want to paint on your lollipop. Once done, take a food brush and paint the mold in that color. Put the mold in the freezer for a few minutes so that the color sets. And then you can pour in the chocolate. Simple! Once you get pro at it, you can set a different color in between the lollipop too!

We hope that this has helped you learn how to make chocolate lollipops with molds and in different colors. Try them out today and let your kids enjoy their lollipops.

Chocolate candies with different colors

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