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How to Keep Cookies Fresh

We all love to eat cookies when they still fresh. First thing you should do after you take them out of the oven is to store them in an airtight container with a piece of bread, it will save their freshness for a longer time.


Method 1:

A) If  your cookies are homemade, let them cool completely before storing them. The high temprature of the cookies after taking them out of the oven will make other cookies in the container soggy. So the right thing to do is to put cookies on a cooling tray before transferring them into a container. Those of you that don't have a cooling tray, leave the cookies to cool on a plate instead.

B) After the cookies got cold, transfer them to a airtight container, this will stop the cookies from becoming soft and crumbly. If you made different kinds of cookies, you should store each kinds in a different container.

B) Put a piece white bread in the cookie container to keep them fresh.This will sound to you maybe strange, but it really saves the cookies fresh. The bread has a trait of absorbing moisture, that's will keep the cookies fresh and crunchy.

Chocolate chip cookies

Method 2:


After the cookies  are getting cold naturally, transfer them into an airtight plastic bag. Choose a bag that is sealable and large enough for the cookies to sit. If you don't have a sealable bag, you can use a food vacuum sealer for sealing.

A sealed bag will stop the cookies from absorbing other flavours and save their smell.

Place the airtight bag into the freezer for up to 5 months. It's is recommended to write the date you put the bag on the freezer with a permanent marker, so you can know how long the cookies have been in the freezer. Actually, the cookies freshness will save over 5 months, but with the time they will start to lose their flavour.

Anytime you want to eat the cookies,  put them on a plate and let them to thaw naturally for 15 minutes at room temperature.


chocolate chip cookies

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