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How to boil Cabbage?

Cabbage is a delicious vegetable that can be added to different recipes. Many people want to include vegetables in their meal twice or thrice a week. So while you are considering other vegetables, it’s also a good idea to include cabbage.

When considering cabbage, the best thing you can do is to boil. Why? Because eating boiled cabbage has ten times better health benefits compared to oil-cooked. Apart from that, boiling the cabbage is a lot easier than cooking it with oil. And also, boiling the cabbage can keep the flavor, which brings outstanding taste.

Although boiling cabbage has many benefits, we still need to learn about how to boil it perfectly? For that purpose, we have created this article where everything will be mentioned for you in detail.



Steps to Boil Cabbage:

Step 1 (Cutting the Cabbage):

The first step starts with cutting the cabbage into pieces. For that, you need a slicing board and a sharp knife or a vegetable slicer to piece it into sections.. Make sure to slice the pieces as tinier as possible. However, make sure to follow the safety measures because a sharp knife could be dangerous for your fingers. You can either use a cabbage peeler for safety cutting. After cutting the cabbages, now, you have to wash them properly.

Step 2 (Prepare the ingredients):

You are boiling the Cabbage; therefore, it’s good to include additional ingredients into the water to bring more taste to the cabbage. For that, you have to consider ½ teaspoon salt, melted butter (3 tablespoons), Black Pepper.

Step 3 (Prepare Boiling Water):

The most important step for boiling cabbage is to prepare boiling water. For that, you have to take 250ml of water on a pot and put it on the stove. Make sure to never leave the pot without covering it with a lid. Also, it’s necessary to keep the measurement as accurate as possible.

Step 4 (Add cabbages):

After the water starts boiling, the next step will be to add Cabbage into the water. Make sure to spread all of the cabbages into the pot so that the vegetable would equally tenderize.

Step 5 (Lower stove heat):

You have to tenderize the cabbages. Therefore, you need to lower the stove's heat and let the cabbage boil for at least 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, check out whether the cabbage has perfectly tendered or not. If not, then leave it for another 15 minutes.

Step 6 (Add other ingredients)

The cabbage has tender quiet ideally; now, it’s the time to bring the flavor. That’s where you have to add Salt and pepper into the cabbage. This will give a unique taste to the cabbage that you will love. Now, Dish out the Cabbage, and add the melted butter into the cabbage for a better texture and enhanced taste.


How Long to Boil Cabbage?

No matter how you cut your cabbage. Whether it is in wedges or in strips, you should boil it between 10-12 minutes until it is fork-tender. 


Benefits of Boiled Cabbage:

When you boil cabbage, it contains lots of benefits. Like, minerals are essential for our body, and the boiled cabbage contains all of the vital minerals. So when you boil it, the beneficial minerals remain in the cabbage.


Cabbage can provide lots of benefits if you eat it boiled. However, boiling the cabbages needs a lot of practice or experience. For that reason, we have created this article guide where you can get adequate information to boil cabbages.

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