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3 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

Must Have kitchen Gadgets

As a cooking lover I have always tried to find out new gadgets that wiil make me more excited while cooking in the kitchen.

Well, I have found some products that really made my cooking experince much better.

As we all probably know,the hard part in cooking is preparing all the stuff and raw materials,we all hate this part(well, I can testify for myself at least).

This part contains cutting vegetables,fruits, wash rice  etc.

Over time,I have used lots of essential gadgets,but found 3 most effective:

1) Round mandoline vegetable slicer- The best way to slice numerous of vegetables in few seconds.I use it almost in every meal I preapre, it is so simple that you have a tool that let you the privillege to cut so many equal pieces in short time. I just put each vegetable I would like to cut and rotates the knob and it's do a magnificent job.

It's can also used to geilling nuts,amlmonds and peanuts.

2)  BBQ Grill Mat - well, who doesn't like to grill? I don't think I know someone who doesn't. However, cleaning the grilling net after the barbecue it's so exhusting. The Grill mat provides a nonstick surface that helps make grilling easier to clean up and  prevents the food of sticking to the grill. it's also make the roasting much better as the meat will not get dried and it's keeps the juiciness of the meat.

You can also roast on it vegetables, and the result  of the barcecue with this mat is fantastic!

3) Lemon Squeezer- Lemon is maybe the most used fruit in cooking. We use it to give taste to our salads, meat,fishes and even on pasta.The grate taste of lemon stands to his credit and gives us the abillity to neutralize flavors. It's health aspect known to all of us,however the main disadvantge of this increidlble fruit is the pips.

with this creative lemon sprayer you can use this healthy and adds flavors fruit in each food you would wiil also not be tired of squeezing lemons over and over  and exhusted of sorting pips  from salad all the time.

In conclusion, today there are so many tools and gadgets that intend to make our cooking life easier.However, It's is very important to use high quality gadgets that will serve your purpose of using it and I as a cooking lover can surley say that in "my kitchen gadgets" store our main purpose is  to bring you the most useful as well as high quality products in the market, and these three Kitchen gadgets are pioneers in the field and I really recommend using them if you are a cooking lover:)



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