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Pastry Lattice Roller - My Kitchen Gadgets
Pastry Lattice Roller - My Kitchen Gadgets
Pastry Lattice Roller - My Kitchen Gadgets

Pastry Lattice Roller

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 Enhance your baking with our Pastry Lattice Roller! Craft intricate lattice designs effortlessly. Elevate your pastries to artisanal perfection. Great for making beautiful pies and other pastries, this kitchen must-have ensures you get remarkable results each time. 

It's commonly used in baking to give pies and tarts an attractive and professional-looking finish. This tool typically consists of a handle and a rolling wheel with a patterned edge.

How to use the pastry lattice roller:

  1. Roll out your pastry dough into a flat sheet using a rolling pin.
  2. Place your rolled-out pastry onto the pie or tart filling.
  3. Take the pastry lattice roller and press it gently onto the dough, starting at one edge and rolling it across the surface.
  4. As you roll, the patterned edge of the roller will create a lattice design by cutting and pressing the dough.
  5. Continue rolling in one direction until you've covered the entire pastry with the lattice pattern.
  6. Carefully trim any excess dough from the edges, and you're ready to bake your pie or tart.

The pastry lattice roller not only adds a decorative touch to your baked goods but also allows for even distribution of steam and heat during baking, ensuring that your pastry cooks evenly. It's a handy tool for home bakers looking to elevate the presentation of their desserts.

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Certification: CIQ
Feature: Stocked,Eco-Friendly
Material: Plastic

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