Round mandoline vegetable slicer cuts all kinds of vegetables perfectly. appropriate for cooking lovers. slice onion, cucumber,carrot,cabbage
Mandolin slicer in blue color slices nutritious vegetables
Green round mandoline vegetable slicer
Round mandolin slicer grilling nuts
A person use round mandolin slicer in order to cut cucumbers to standard slices
Round Blades Of Round Mandoile Slicer
360 Degrees Round Sharp Blade
Easily Water Cleaning Of Round Mandoline Slicer
Potatoes Are Cut With Round Mandoline Slicer
Divers Vegetables sliced. cucumber, carrot, potatoes , onions
Round Mandoline Slicer Vegetable Cutter - My kitchen gadgets

Round Mandoline Vegetable Slicer

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 Round Mandoline Vegetable Slicer


Shipping time to US is about 5 days.

Imagine someone  prepares and cuts for you all the vegetables before you start cook, just like in cooking TV shows, and all you left to do is just cooking. This is exactly what the round mandoline vegetable slicer do.

Actually, This is the dream of every cooking lover!

The round mandoline vegetable slicer is going to make this dream come true!

We so love the inspiration cooking gives us, so why simply don't we focus on it?

Most of our cooking time is wasted on preaparing and cutting all the materials, and less on our satisfaction of having something that we just made with our own hands.

We all love the appreciation and the compliments we get from others about our cooking, it gives us a fantastic feeling!

Anyone who loves to cook must have this round mandoline vegetable slicer in his kitchen!


* 1  round equals cutting 12 times.

* 3 different types of stainless steel blades makes it easy to slice vegetables, cheeses, peanuts and fruits.

 * High qualilty components that will last for years.

 *A perfect method to cut numerous of vegetables  in seconds!!

  * Save you a lot of time cooking.

 The round mandoline slicer is going to be your most useful gadget in your kitchen .

Feature: Eco-Friendly
Material: Plastic
Shipping time to US is about 2-7 days.

To  the rest of the world shipping time is up to 45  business days.


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